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Sf6 High Medium Voltage Gis Gas Insulated Mv Switchgear_ economy serie contain gás sf6

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We are a manufacturer with quality assurance, avoiding middlemen from making price differences, factory direct sales, after-sales service guarantee, and you can also customize the products you need according to your needs. We have 23 years of experience focusing on SF6 gas, and can provide you with professional SF6 services and SF6 life cycle products


mega serie portable gaz sf6 _Indoor AC Metal-Clad Switchgear (KYN10-40.5)

General: KYN 10-40.5 type AC metal-clad switchgear (hereafter referred to as “switchgear”) is a kind of complete indoor type with three phases, 50Hz, AC and single busbar system, used in 35kV net for power transmission and distribution. Product feature: It is a metal-clad type of switchgear, and it consists of two components, one is main body welded by sectioned steel and bent steel plate and another component is truck. It is the latest self-designed and developed version of switch by introduction of advanced technology in domestic and abroad. With advantages of a smaller size, a big breaking current, easier installation, a long-free-maintenance duration, this kind of switchgear has characters of easy operation and maintenance, safe operation, five-protection function and inter-lock capacity, etc as well. Note 1. The width of the cubicle is 1700 The packing size (width*depth*height) (mm) 2020*2380*2870 Ordering notice: A. Please provide primary main wiring system diagram, layout

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b057r03 filter sf6 газ _Rsc3000 Series Sf6 Gas Vacuumizing and Refilling Device

Product Introduction RSC3000 series SF6 gas vacuumizing and refilling device is mainly used for installation, commissioning and maintenance of SF6 circuit breaker,SF6 transformer,GIS and other SF6 Electrical products.   Technical parameters Vacuum pumping rate:customizedVacuum time:according to vacuum pumping rateUltimate vacuum:<10Pa Leakage rate:<0.5%Transmission pipe:5mVacuum meter:pointer or digitalPower supply:380~460VAC 50Hz

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66kv to 500kv Bushing Current Transformer for Gis_ l170r01 liquefy sf6 가스

  Application: The Outdoor Mounted  Bushing Current Transformer is self contained and designed to be mounted externally over the high voltage terminal bushing of 66kv to 500kv Power transformers, 66kv to 500kv Power circuit breakers and 66kv to 500kv Cable terminators .In most cases the BCT, with its ease of installation, is a reliable and economical solution when upgrading system protection and adding additional metering points.When properly installed, the  BCT can be used on higher system voltage levels while maintaining its own mere 600 Volt class rating. Its simple construction provides a low leakage product with virtually unlimited short circuit capabilities, far surpassing its stand alone wound-type counterpart.   Construction: The toroidal core is continuously tape wound using cold rolled grain oriented electrical grade silicon steel, which receives a full stress relief anneal after it is wound to its specified dimensions. The secondary winding is then wound of insulated copper

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eu 517 contain hexafluorure de soufre _Gas-Insulated Voltage Transformer /Transformer Parts PT / PT Product High Performance Gas Insulated Hv Transformer for Gis

 PT Product High Performance Gas Insulated HV Transformer For Gis  Technical Parameters for JSQXF2-126 Voltage Transformer:1 Rated primary voltage: 66kV, 110kV, 132kV, 150kV and 220kV and so on.2 Rated secondary voltage: 0.1 /√3kV or 0.11 /√3kV.3 Rated voltage of residual voltage winding: 0.1kV or 0.11kV.4 Rated frequency and number of phases: 50Hz or 60Hz 3-phase.5 Voltage ratio, maximum rated output and corresponding accuracy class please see table 1. Table 1 Voltage Ratio, Maximum Rated Output and Corresponding Accuracy Class TablePT Product High Performance Gas Insulated HV Transformer For Gis Voltage Ratio (kV) Accuracy Class and Rated Output (VA) Secondary 1a-1n Secondary 2a-2n Residual da-dn 0.2 0.5 0.2 0.5 3P 66 /√3/ 0.1 /√3-0.1 /√3-0.1110 /√3/ 0.1 /√3-0.1 /√3-0.1132 /√3/ 0.1 /√3-0.1 /√3-0.1                      or220 /√3/ 0.1 /√3-0.1 /√3-0.1 75   75   300 75     100 200         150   150   300     6 Thermal

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